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About Us

   Trefoil Networks Limited is incorporated in Nigeria  and the UK and Licensed by the NCC and the NBC. With over 10 years of operations, we have provided across every state in Nigeria, and most of West and Central Africa. In depth technological knowledge, ground breaking innovations, National and International partnering agreements, enable us to provide affordable and simple solutions that are specific to different user needs and applications.

In depth technological knowledge, ground breaking innovations, National and International partnering agreements, enable us to provide affordable and simple solutions that are specific to different user needs and applications.

Vision and Mission

To be the best IP centric Company in Africa, with the Focus being the Internet Protocol, where products continue to converge, blurring the lines between Information Technology and Entertainment, between Television and Computer, between Lifestyle and Work style, and between e-Commerce and Traditional Retail Stores.


All our products are designed with the customer in mind. That’s why our products and services are top of the range.


Highly skilled and trained management and staff to ensure quality service delivery.


You don’t have to rob a bank to get our services. Our services are tailored to fit your budget.