Internet via Satellite

Our Satellite services enable a broad spectrum of applications across the African continent at anyplace, anytime as Individuals, Businesses and Organizations need to access emails, social media voice, data and video and every internet application, anywhere, anytime.

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Private Networks

With our Satellite IP Solutions, TFnet can provide the needed communication for different purposes to drive most networks.

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Domain Registration

Easily enhance the performance, security and reliability of your services with one of our managed Shared hosting products, free data migration included.

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SCADA services

(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) refers to the process of gathering information, in real time, from remote locations. The data comes from oil wells, pipelines, electric power grids, traffic signals, seismic sensors, air quality monitors, etc.

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Media Services

TFmediacast provides  broadcasting solutions and media technologies that are innovative, cost effective and tailored specifically to suit the needs of Broadcast Enterprises.

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TFnet delivers highly innovative and cost effective solutions tailor-made for African Broadcasters and Global content providers and platforms.

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Radio stations/TV solutions

TFmediacast TV/FM radio solutions are second to none in the industry. what ever your requirement is, what ever standard you desire and no matter how your broadcast environment is, we have the right skills and solutions for you.

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Mobile Application Development

Applications installable on mobile phones and tablets that runs on mobile OS or browsers.

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Wireless Solutions

TFnet wireless services integrated with Fibre optic last mile delivery solutions enable superior and affordable broadband solutions across Nigeria.

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VoIP Solutions

One speciality of VoIP is the interconnection of multiple PBXs with relatively simple means (or more) IP PBXs can be interconneced regardless of the geographical distance between them.

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Web Design/Hosting services

TFhost provides the best Locally based enterprise hosting service,our Servers and Storage solutions of unmatched quality in an exceptional environment. 

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Core Products

Enterprise VSAT

This product provides broadband internet connectivity to customer locations anywhere within the satellite footprint (coverage area). It also enables interconnectivity between remote sites, allowing for the transmission of data, voice or video between site locations.

Fibre Optic

TFnet provides High speed wireless broadband internet and network
services based on Fibre Optics Core backbones. Other Products Include: Campus Broadband, Hotel Hotspots, Broadband Internet.

Broadcast SAT

This product enables the transmission of video (& audio) content from one location to another, within the satellite footprint (coverage area). Services involves the provision of an Outside Broadcast vehicle, which will be deployed to the remote location, obtain the video content and transmit to the studio location in real-time.

Teleport Applications

Our satellite teleport services connect our customers to all their end users for different purposes. TFnet Virtual Network Operator (VNO) Services for data services support multiple service providers over the same platform, each with their management domain.


This product provides internet connectivity to customers, using the Ka-band radio frequency. Service utilizes the Newtec proprietary sat3play IP communications platform, providing high levels of efficiency, modularity and low operational costs.

Leased Line service

Our Terestrial platform is based on our Ubiquiti Airmax Technology platform utilizing submarine Cable backbone with Direct fibre optic link from our POPs in 36 state Capitals to Lagos Landing station to worldwide peering points.